Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Obvious Study

Study: Men Will Risk Everything to Impress Women

While it is tough to be a woman, being a man can be downright deadly. (The stuff we go through just to get laid).

Women live longer than men. Now scientists suggest a simple Darwinian reason for that: Competing for a mate can wear a guy out — or get him killed.


HOV said...


caynttouchdis said...

Help! How do I shrink a photo down to the necessary 50 kilobytes so I can add it to my profile?

Denial Queen said...

Rubbin' -interesting spank bank site. Ask DNA for a letter to write about...quite personally I think you should get "s". hehehe

Pimp Doggie Dawg said...

not true, today! all night long i hear girls bitch about the lack of good guys available. they don't have good jobs, would rather hang out with their friends and play video games. i think this all started the generation after i left school--girls found a new freedom in sexuality and started being the aggressors--which means THEY intiated more sex. now--these guys are older, have had more sex as KIDS, and know that they do not have to work at it--so they do not