Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Band Setlist

Get Ready to Relive the 80's:
Band Setlist. Now accepting gigs for the fall and beyond.
Perfect for company gatherings, club happy hours, christmas parties.

home sweet hom
walk like an egyptian
don't you want me - human league
we built this city
whip it
99 red balloons
don't stop believin'
i want a new drug
i want u to want me
summer of 69
i ran (so far away)
jenny (867-5309)
groove is in the heart
girls just wanna have fun
here i go again
still of the night - whitesnake
jessie's girl

Sunday, August 26, 2007

just be yourself

So I'm hanging out at Sullivan's Steak House checking out the band with a few of my friends. I begin doing some small talk and dancing with a couple of women from Nigeria which is pretty cool in itself (yes - me chatting women up). So I'm trying to make small talk and thinking I'm getting nowhere near the end of the night - I go over and check on my friends and discuss my plans to come back and hit on the really hot bartender. Then one of the friends of Juliann and Priscilla come and wonder where I'm at - so I go outside and they want me and Russell to go hang out after hours at an African club. So I think - wow - I must've done something right. I never kiss and tell - but it was a very fun night and I managed not to tell one lie while talking to them tonight. I even told them I was a musician and an engineer - and they still kept dancing and talking to me.
So I think the moral of this story is - I'm proud I was myself tonight - though maybe as my friend said, You need a bit more BS skills. later.
I'm tired - it's a quarter to five and I've got band practice in a few hours.

New Phone to Me

A few pictures of my sad old cell phones.

My Old Nokia

My Old LG Phone (yes - that's duct tape)

My new cell phone - Sony Walkman Phone.

Yes that is duct tape that was holding my old phone together. So I recently upgraded my cell phone and got a pretty cool Sony Walkman phone - while it's no iPhone. It was free and didn't cost me $600 + $69 per month service. It's a pretty cool device - it sports an FM Radio and is also an MP3 player woo hoo - the best of both worlds for me. Except I doubt I'll be able to take hashing with me. Some guideline about no technology on trail. But as much as I roam and get lost I might just have to break the rules.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Band Name Ideas....

So I think we may have narrowed our choices down to the following:
(a) Class of '89
(b) The Rubix or The Rubick's
(c) The Brunch Club
(d) Pop Culture

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Craiglist Personal Ads

Not sure if you guys check out the personal ads on Craigslist - but it's funny as hell. Here's one best of posting from someone in Houston about it.

(Yes, some people fall into more than one category. If I left you out I apologize.)

If all the posters from Houston Craig's List personals were together in one room there would be...

68 People just back from Starbucks and now posting a missed connection
18 Gay men posting a MC for a straight guy
37 People that would get fired for the things they post on RnR at work
19 BBWs looking for love in the wrong place
16 of which are morbidly obese
12 of which are also posting in Casual Encounters
1 of which had chicken wing in hand as she typed
63 People that like to use the term "Gayborhood"
737 People that think they are funnier than they are
698 People that think they are smarter than they are
48 "Str8" guys whose wives are out of town and they'd like to watch some sports with another guy and porn, "possibly j/o or blow each other, but nothing gay."
29 Gay men posing as women
16 Gay men posing as "Str8" guys
1 Woman posing as a Gay man
14 Transexuals posing as women
39 People that enjoy correcting spelling and grammar
18 of which have mistakes in their posts correcting others
7 of which spell grammar with an "e"
48 People who were naked when they posted.
29 People who were drunk when they posted.
2 Middle aged men one of which wants a son the other conspiracy theorist; they will become BFF
1 One smoking hot woman that said she was BBW thinking the BB in BBW meant Big Breasted (Fake that is)
782 People that don't know the difference between There, their, and they're
762 of which are also baffled by It's and Its
29 People that only type with caps lock
1761 People that ignore capitalization
302 of which ignore all grammer rules in general
6 People looking for a 420 hook up
2 People asking what 420 means
13 People looking to party with "Tina"
31 Fat guys in Hawaiian shirts just looking to party
17 Men with their wives out of town looking to "blow a bowl" then be a "bottom" for the "first time"
198 Men would be standing there with their penis out begging to get laid
198 of which posted as "drug a disease free"
42 of which used a picture of one of the other 198's penis as their own
32 of which their genitalia is bright shade of red
17 Dirty old men that say "Race, age, weight, ect don't matter lets just get it on."
167 Utter Jackasses
37 of which their lives will not be fulfilled until they get a Best of CL
12 People arguing with their own RnR alter-ego
1 Married Couple unwittingly exchanging emails with each other after a CE post
61 Women looking for a sugar daddy
3 of which are actually men
321 Women hoping to get the biggest fake boobs they can afford
167 People that don't know what discreet means
183 People that don't know what platonic means
106 People that spell Loser with two "O"s
39 People that post the same images over and over again with their R&R posts
38 of which think a post is not complete w/o 4 of said images
47 Men that like random household objects forcibly shoved up their rectum
18 Men using the platonic massage ploy to lure women
3 Men using a platonic massage ploy to lure men
8 Guys posting crotch shots in holey underwear in CE
19 men that respond to every W4M post with a shot of their penis and have given it a name
3 Men that have responded to every W4M post since the inception of Houston CL
15 People from out of state hating on Texas
243 People who should use a therapist as an outlet not Craig's List
102 Men posting in Strictly Platonic looking for an attractive female friend
102 of which hope that the friendship involves sex
1 of which is 42 years old and wants a son to carry on his family name
11 People posting LTR personals stating they have the herp-herp
3 of which also posted in CE as D&D Free
9 People that think D&D stands for Dungeons and Dragons
62 People that have used the term "asshat", "asswipe", "cuntstick", "fuckwad", or "fucktard" in the normal course of conversation this week.
102 Black women posting for LTRs
93 of which are seeking a SWM
1 of which hopes to turn said SWM into a gimp
103 Married men that answer personals not asking for married men
93 People that completely miss the humor in a post and have to make an angry reply
122 unemployed posters
32 of which posted personals
3 of which are homeless and posting from a local library
46 People posting from jail
87 frequent posters that often post saying they're a first time poster
73 Transvestites
3 of which teach 1st grade
136 Men looking to hook up with a tranny
2 Women looking for some hot tranny sex
293 Posters would qualify as mentally disabled
32 of which frequently post about politics
8 of which are severly disabled and don't know it
49 RnR posters that look just like Linda Blair in The Exorcist when George W. is brought up
3 People in full Ku Klux Klan regalia
203 People in full S&M regalia
23 of which currently have a ball gag in place
597 Haters
A countless number of people with nothing better to do but Craig's List at work

to the girl at the store with the cleavage

when you got up in the morning and got dressed, you chose to wear an outfit that partly reveals your boobs. you have a mirror. you knew. i didn't force you to wear it.

in fact, when you bought this item, you knew that you were going to wear it, in public, and it would be revealing your tits a little (or a lot). make no mistake, i applaud you for this. but what i'm getting at, is that we both know you were showing off your rack. don't lie, it's not very subtle. and don't pretend it's a fashion thing. it's a hooter thing.

so when you buy the top, and wear it, in the summer, in public, and you're going to stand in front of me, guess what.

I'm going to look at your boobs.

first off, you should be flattered. i looked at them because they are nice. you should be upset if you were showing off your knockers and i didn't look at them. actually, them being nice is why i looked at them repeatedly. the first peek was more of an instinct. guy-instinct. we can't help it. after that, we just want to see as much of it as we can. to us, boobs are like the Godfather parts I and II. we can watch them over and over and never get tired of them.

anyway, yea, i looked at your cans. a bunch of times, actually. now, i understand no one likes to be stared at. this is why i did in fact look around the rest of the store to see if there was anything else interesting to look at. unfortunately there were no other hot babes, no bums, no cute babies, no one was wearing a Slayer reign in blood tour shirt. nothing. so i went back to your melons. sorry. it was a boring ride, and they were right in front of me. but i think you forget that i was nice enough to focus on your funbags, as opposed to alternating between them and trying to make eyecontact. now that would have been ungentlemen-like. i realise no one finds true love over a pair of jugs in the fruit section. it's just not realistic. so i kept my head down, stood in a position as to be not overly obvious about my staring, made sure i didn't get a semi (i got real close once, but i handled it), and tried to be as polite about the situation as possible.

so anyway, i just thought you should know my point of view on what happened. i am not a pervert. i was just a man. a man who saw something that pulled his mind out of the daily routine, and i held onto it dearly (not literally, ofcourse, though that would have been pretty sick). but as you can tell from this long posting, i do feel slightly bad about my behaviour. so to make up for it, i have decided, with pain in my heart, to release you from my spank bank.

i think it is fair to say we are even now. i think i did see a hint of slight animal lust in your eyes when you gave me that annoyed look and got out of there quick. so if you are reading this, baby, i'd really like to take you on a trip... a motor boating trip.

Not that I need another car, but

Saw this posting today on Craigslist:
Only $2775

It's About Time Bats Get Recognition

From the article in the Houston Chronicle:
Researcher's want to cast bats in a new light.

Embodiment of evil
From the medieval Christian artists depicting Lucifer with bat wings to pop culture portraying bats as blood-sucking villains, these mammals have become an embodiment of death and evil. The group is publishing a bilingual children's book and DVD Frankie the Free-tailed Bat, that describes a "year in a life of a Mexican free-tailed bat," to challenge the common stereotype.

"Bats are victims of superstitions and myth, they are feared and destroyed without people knowing what kind of value they provide," said Patricia Morton, a project leader with the Texas Parks and Wildlife. "This is the most important research that demonstrates the value of bats in large numbers."

The bat's reputation already has seen some changes.

The theory that massive numbers of bats migrate to Texas chasing insects first emerged in the early 1990s, when local meteorologists detected two large clouds in the areas but no storm activity.

Scientists discovered the clouds were colonies of bats eating insects, but it took them a decade to find a precise way to measure their numbers.

Monday, August 20, 2007

swimming lessons

so i managed to avoid swimming at the hash today. i took the 4 mile walker trail and upon hearing about trail - was glad i wanked out today.
i was talking to another hasher about this today. i guess i'm a decent swimmer in a pool doing laps in 4-5 feet in a pool. but maybe it's some irrational fear about not being able to touch the bottom of a pool or lake that makes me freak out. so i probably should take some adult swim lessons and get over it - or next time bring a boogie board or my own flotation devices to help me get through the swim portions of trail.

Being Single

Okay another 'being single' posting.
This topic came up today at the hash. There was a harriette who recently became single after having dated someone for quite a long time. And once they were officially disengaged or no longer together - not two weeks later she has found another person as she described it 'she's hooked up with'.
So are some people just destined to be as I would call it 'WSO' - with significant other and others of us have trouble finding that significant other to be with. I thought 'art girl' was a potential - but I think the hash scared her away. I seem to find that taking first dates to hash parties is not such a good idea.

But just doing some informal research I find that most people meet their wife, girlfriend, significant other through friends. I have yet to meet anyone who is married to someone they meet in a bar at happy hour. Most people met while in college or through friends. So anyone have any single friends they'd like to see date me.

Also - in my quest for love here's what I'm going to do:
1) Get out more - be more social (more happy hours)
2) More online dating
3) Become more active - ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, running in the park more
4) Ask anyone and everyone out
5) Keep asking friends if they have any co-workers that are single.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Most Common Passwords

I hope none of you guys use any of these passwords:

1. password
2. 123456
3. qwerty
4. abc123
5. letmein
6. monkey
7. myspace1
8. password1
9. link182
10. (your first name)

Most Recalled Vehicles - 2007

Most Recalled Vehicles of 2007
So much for vaunted foreign car quality. VW - 1 million cars, Toyota - 533k cars. Okay - where do I start my rant about automotive quality and perception that American brands are perceived as less than foreign brands.

2007 Volkswagen New Beetle
1,002,000 units affected

2007 Toyota Sequoia

2007 Jeep Liberty

2007 Nissan Altima

2007 Hyundai Tucson

2007 Dodge Nitro, Jeep Wrangler

2007 Suzuki Forenza, Reno

2007 Volkswagen Passat, Passat Wagon

2007 Chrysler Sebring and 300; Dodge Caliber, Magnum, Charger and Nitro; Jeep Compass, Liberty, Commander, Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Wrangler

2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe

2007 Chevrolet Aveo

2007 Nissan Versa

2007 GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook

2007 Ford Expedition

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My new indelgence

Garlic Stuffed Olives

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Need a Band Name

Need a name for my new band -
we'll play mostly 80's music with a splash of hits from the 90's and today.

Here are a few suggestions:
The 80's Collective
Project 80s
Projekt 80's
Breakfast Club
The Brunch Club
The Reagan Cats
Chaka MAD Band (my former band name)
The Breakfast Collective
8090 Band

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More reasons to scout trail from your computer

more good scouting tools. now has a street view for houston. This lets you get a birds eye view of a city. just like you're walking the street.

Article in the chronicle

Don't Tell Pipes...

Don't tell Pipes - but it's a new imac.
New Imac - more info here at engadget.

I Hate Crocs Website

Never knew there was so much hatred toward a pair of shoes.
I Hate Crocs

gives me a few ideas for new blogs...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Powered Kayaks

This would be great for cruising down Buffalo Bayou. I'm sure Grind Slut would enjoy it. More information is here.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Always unplug your computer before working on it...

A 20-year-old student in Shanghai, China, was electrocuted Monday when he opened his computer's external case while the machine was still on, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The man, identified only by the common family name of Wu, had apparently opened his PC's case to prevent its central processing chip from overheating — because he didn't want to turn his air conditioning on. His sweaty legs came into contact with the computer's internal wiring, likely causing a short circuit.

According to the newspaper, which drew from a report in the Chinese-language, police and medical respondents found blood in the dead man's nostrils and bruises on his legs. The computer's internal voltage can reach as high as 380 volts in power-storage capacitors, which is enough to give a deadly shock. Powering down and unplugging the machine for a few minutes before opening it would have spared the man's life.

No iPhone for You

NASA to employees: 'No iPhone for you!'

One of the gripes about the iPhone outlined in Dwight Silverman's review in today's Computing column is that it doesn't work well as a business device. Apparently, IT managers at NASA agrees with him.

From InformationWeek:
The space agency has determined the iPhone "not to be enterprise ready," according to the minutes of a July 10 meeting of NASA tech officials obtained by InformationWeek.

According to the minutes, the decision was made by officials within NASA's ODIN program office. ODIN, or Outsourcing Desktop Initiative For NASA, is a program under which NASA is outsourcing computer supply and support to private-sector companies.

The meeting minutes viewed by InformationWeek didn't indicate why NASA officials feel the iPhone isn't ready for prime time as a business tool. However, analysts at IT research firm Gartner last month issued a research bulletin on the iPhone that outlined a range of concerns.

Among them: lack of support from major device management and mobile security software suites, lack of removable batteries, and Apple's exclusive contract with network provider AT&T.

Not "enterprise ready," eh? Insert your own Star Trek joke here.

NASA did approve the RIM BlackBerry 8800 and the Palm Treo 750 for employee use, however.

Apple Fan Boy Fetish

This one's for Pipes and other people with a steve jobs fetish.

Apple releases slew of fixes, and first patch for iPhone

The iPhone's early possessors have been anxiously awaiting software updates for Apple, hoping new bits would bring new capabilities, such as allowing custom ringtones or compatibility with Exchange e-mail servers.

Well, the first iPatch for The Object of Your Desire is here, but it brings no new powers. Instead, it fixes security flaws in the existing ones. Specifically, it fixes five issues in Safari and Web-related components of the iPhone.

In addition, Apple released an update for the various versions of the Mac OS X that fixes 24 different issues. There's also an update for the beta of Safari 3.0 that fixes security vulnerabilities in both the Macintosh and Windows versions.

Finally, there's also an update for the AirPort Wi-Fi cards in all Intel-based Macs. There are no details on what patch does, other than that it "improves the reliability of AirPort connections."

Mac owners can get their fixes via Software Update. The Safari update for Windows users is here.

And to update the iPhone, connect it to your computer and iTunes will handle the chore. Note that, after the update is complete, your phone will reactivate with AT&T.