Thursday, June 15, 2006

Latest Addition to the family

Gallien-Krueger 410BLX Bass Cabinet

Latest addition to my family of instruments. Here's what I have so far:
GK Bass Cabinet
Crate 410 Bass Cabinet
Custom Cabinet (1 JBL 15", 1 JBL 10", 1 6")
Peavey 210TX Combo Amp
Hartke 3500 Bass Head Amp
Yamaha PSR-293 keyboard
NADY PA Speaker System
Behringer mixer
Hohner B2A Headless Bass Guitar
Fender Affinity Squier Bass

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Run in the Park

It seems like it was just yesterday. It all began when I was running around Memorial Park. I was jogging along with the sweath stinging in my eyes.
A beautiful brunette jogged slowly towards me. Her wet top covered in sweat clung to her tits as they bounced and swayed. Long, tanned, and lean, her legs carried her ever closer. I studied her wide dick sucking lips, and wide mouth just made for giving blowjobs, and her high cheekbones. I noticed a white band of skin on her otherwise tanned ring finger. Her eyes gazed steadily into mine.
I slowed my pace as she did as well. She changed direction and I followed her towards the drinking fountain. Her wide, wicked hips accentuated her womanliness. She was wide, but not deep, like a guitar, sexy and smooth. We stopped and drank. Then I set out for the woods, so slow it felt like I was walking. I could her the deep, regular sounds of her breathing as she followed. I started to get hard as my anticipation grew.
I led her down the gravel path off the beaten path to a clearing in the woods. Never had I wanted a woman so badly, this was so exciting and forbidden. The thrill of getting caught was electrifying. Her lips were far softer than they looked, her tounge wet, slippery, and inviting. Her tits pushed against my chest and my cock reached out for her with a mind of its own. We fell to the grass like autumn leaves drifting to earth in a cool crisp fall.
She said, "No, I don't know who you are. I've never seen you before. I can't with a black man..."
My mouth silenced her protests.
She pulled back. "I've never fucked a man without at least an introduction."
"Just call me Jack." as I kissed her again.
"Oh Jack, I've never felt this way before. I want you, but this little voice keeps saying no."
"Do you believe in love at first sight? Because I want this moment to last forever."
I begin to kiss the side of her neck, I love the warm taste of her sweat on my mouth.
I reached down and pulled my shorts aside so I was free and did the same for her. I then started to fuck her. Her wide open eyes just staring into mine. The pleasure was astonishing, taking my breath away. The sounds of forbidden sex seemed to fill the air. Her face flush, she started to bit her lower lip. Her pupils started to dilate at the same time her cunt gripped me whole. She let out a moan, wrapped her arms around me, she arched her back and her cunt gripped me like a warm friendly hand. I kept going until I sprayed inside her, all into the dark, moist interior of her body.
Finally I slipped out of her, helped her up, got dressed and finished my run.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thoughts for June so far...

1. I have no interest in watching the DaVinci Code. It's only fiction, but I've heard the movie sucked. Some people have far too much time worrying about whether Jesus was married to actually have read the Bible and truly understand what he was saying. I've no problem with Jesus having a wife - He came to show us how to live with one another in peace so what could be the highest form of committment, but to take a wife and truly show us how to treat our spouse. Anyway I think someone would have recorded it in the gospels for us.

1A. I also don't think Jesus was a long haired hippie with blond hair and blue eyes. I would like to think that he looked like a normal man of the times, one whom you would never would imagine being the Son of God. One would have thought at least someone would have captured his likeness, but I think that it destroys the message he was trying to send. To me it does not matter if he was or was not black, we tend to make him in our image anyway - hence the pictures from Europe showing him as blond/blue eyed and pictures from Africa showing a dark skinned man.

2. People get really weird when you try to talk to them about religion.

3. Women are weird 99% of the time, but they're so soft and cuddly.

4. Don't get me started about hyprocrisy in the world... maybe tomorrow.

5. Batwoman a lesbian... what's this world come to!!!?????!!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ho Chi Minh

No longer a Ho Virgin. Did my first Ho last night. Did really well, worked her over in about 55 minutes. Was on my back once during the first 30 minutes, then turned around and hit the front during the last 30 minutes. All in all a great night. Now I need a massage and a happy ending.