Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How Fresh is the Food in Your Fridge??

I know I'm as guilty as anyone. I actually found stuff in my fridge that's been at least one-two years old (mainly stale condimints). I even have the 'W" Ketchup that's made in America from 2004 when George W Bush won (uhh stole) the election. just kidding he won it fair and square. My worst thing is frozen foods - never quite sure how long that frozen ground beef is good for. Although it's refreshing to know that the spam I bought is good for 3 more years. Also thought beer would last longer than 4 months...need some help to kill the St. Arnold's Divine reserve I have.

General Food Storage Guidelines:
These guidelines are offered for the best taste, flavor and texture; and consuming product after these time frames is not recommended.

* Beer: 4 months (unopened)
* Canned foods: 12 months (unopened) 2-3 days opened, refrigerated and placed in airtight container
* Cereal: 6-12 months (unopened), 2-3 months opened, put in airtight plastic bag
* Chocolate: 1 year from production date (unopened)
* Coffee (ground): 2 years (unopened), 2-3 weeks opened (in airtight container)
* Coffee (beans): 1 year in vacuum sealed bag (unopened), 1-2 weeks opened (in airtight container)
* Cooking Oils: 18 months from production date (unopened), 3 months opened, if stored in a cool, dry place.
* Entrees (frozen): 12 months (unopened)
* Jellies & Jams: 12 months unopened, 3-4 months opened, refrigerated
* Juice (bottled): 8 months from production date (unopened), 7 days opened
* Ketchup: 1 year (unopened), 4 months opened, refrigerated
* Mayonnaise: 3-5 years (unopened), 2 months opened, refrigerated
* Mustard: 2 years (unopened), 6 months opened, refrigerated
* Pasta (dried): 6 months in airtight package (place cardboard boxes into ziplock type bags to avoid insect infestations)
* Peanut Butter: 2 years (unopened), 3 months opened, refrigerated
* Salad Dressings: 6 months after “best by” date, unopened, 6 months opened, refrigerated
* Soda (diet): 1-2 months from “best by” date
* Soda (regular): 3-4 months from “best by” date
* Spices/Herbs: 12-24 months (unopened), 12 months, stored in airtight container
* Tuna canned: 1 year from purchase date, 3 days opened, refrigerated not stored in can
* Vegetables (frozen): 12 months (unopened)
* Wine (red/white): 3 years from vintage date, 1 week opened, refrigerated and corked


* Bacon: 2 weeks unopened, 7 days after opening
* Eggs: 4 weeks after pack date, refrigerated
* Fresh beef, veal, pork: 3-5 days
* Ground meat, poultry: 1-2 days
* Ham, cooked: 7 days unopened, 3 days after opening
* Hot dogs: 2 weeks unopened, 7 days after opening
* Luncheon meat: 2 weeks unopened
* Milk: 7 days after “sell-by” date, 3-5 days after opening
* Poultry (fresh): 1 – 2 days
* Poultry (cooked): 3-4 days unopened, 3-4 days after opening
* Sausage (uncooked): 1-2 days
* Sausage (cooked): 3-4 days unopened, 3-4 days after opening

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Denial Queen said...

I know that my fridge is one SCARY science experiment. The best though was my mom -she once found a a banana bread she had made that was at least 2 years old....ewwww!