Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chaka MAD / Texash Interhash2007

Chaka MAD playing at Texas Interhash 2007.
Playing Friday night April 13, 2007
Friday the 13th - you never know what's going to happen.

Now taking requests -
we're already learning Possum Kingdom for one of our biggest fans.


Spotty said...

Anything by Hall & Oates, Richard Marx or ABBA. A medley of all three would be kick ass!!!

rubbin said...

ouch -
i can't promise anything, but we do know that 867-5309 song.

firetunnel said...

very cool Rubbin! congrats! Wish I could be there in person. You guys will have to perform in August sometime while I am back! Request in absentia.... Ballroom Blitz for Closet Freak! She hooked me on that song and it is great to dance to!

HOV said...

Too cool!

closet freak said...

ball room blitz, by sweet, is a very cool song. would be great if you learned it.

Denial Queen said...

The Ramones-Blitzkreig Bop. Always gets people dancing.