Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paranormal GTG

So my first impromptu paranormal get together was a success. Thinking about having monthly get-togethers / informal parties where the main topic of discussion will be something having to do with the paranormal. What prompted this was a recent ghost hunt that Sahar, Closet, and I went on recently. I thought - we should just have a small get-together and discuss this stuff ourselves. So my idea was born.
My thinking is to get a few of my friends together that have an interest in the paranormal - whether skeptics or not and have a discussion on a topic or topic that night. Maybe bring out a ouija board or have a tarot card reading.

I've been accused of being a 'party pooper' or 'negative energy emitter', but i'm just skeptical. Right going through a major issue / crisis on several topics.
1. the exisitence of God
2. Theory of Evolution vs. Intelligent Design aka Creationism
3. UFO's are they real or just imagination

I'm thinking the next topic will be to discuss God... probably the age old question why does God allow bad things to happen to good people. I have my answer, but it'd be good to have a frank discussion on the topic.

Other topics:
Exorcisms - real or imagined
Jesus Christ - did he really exist
What happens when we die
Flat Earth Theory - yes there is a flat earth society out there
spontaneous combustion
the virgin mary (secondary topic... Pareidolia)

more topics to discuss???


Pull the Plug said...

Damn, you're getting serious. If God is omnipotent, then he (or she)could revel himself in a scientifically unambiguous way any time he chooses. Since he hasn't do so, we have no way of knowing whether he exists or not.

rubbin said...

but then the question is what would it take for people to believe. if there were people around when Jesus walked the earth and he was flesh and they didn't belive, I don't know what it would take.
i think belief in God has to do with faith. And if you have faith, then you don't need proof.
I don't know that science will ever prove the existence of God.

I'll move on to more non-serious topics in the next few posts :-)

dayoldfish said...

how about stigmata as a discussion. or seeing the virgin mary in a tortilla or in the bark of a tree.

rubbin said...

i once thought i saw the virgin mary in a pint of guiness. but i'm not catholic so i drank it anyway.

HOV said...

Too funny Rubbin! Great idea Day Old Fish. Pull the Plug--Interesting.

dayoldfish said...

how about spontaneous combustion

rubbin said...

oooo -
that's a good one. i've got my theory on that. it's mainly old drunk smokers people who die in their sleep with a lit cigarette watching midget porn. the massive quantities of alcohol in the body ignite from within like a slow smoldering burn.

firetunnel said...

I don't think I would do well at one of these parties. Could I just serve drinks and have the 3man table ready for break times?
P.S. Had a weird dream about you last night, Rubbin.

rubbin said...

yes - you can just serve drinks and have 3man ready at midnight.
was the dream weird good or weird bad or just plain weird.