Wednesday, October 10, 2007

holy attic crawl batman

ELLWOOD CITY, Pa. -- Holy rare find, Batman!

Pittsburgh comic collector Todd McDevitt has come across a copy of one of the most valuable comic books ever printed. It's the Detective Comics issue No. 27 from before World War II. It's famous because it's the first one in which Batman appears.

McDevitt said that his copy is worth about $250,000, although a pristine copy can be worth as much as $500,000. The Action Comics edition No. 1 is the only one considered by collectors to be more valuable, since it marks Superman's first appearance.

McDevitt owns a chain of comics stores and said the copy he bought was brought in by somebody who found it while cleaning out an attic and wondered if it was worth anything.

He said that his eyes almost popped out when he saw it.

McDevitt won't say how much he paid, but says he's been saving money for 20 years, hoping for just such a find.

For now, he's keeping the Batman comic in an airtight bag in a bank vault, bringing it out occasionally to give friends and customers a peek. He says he hasn't even read it yet.

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