Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Predictions for the coming year

Does any of this make sense to you?

The threatening suspense of the past six years has accelerated etheric spirals of change accumulating in our physical world. Predicting on the threshold of these changes for 2008 is examining only a portion of purported reality that is manifesting.

The political charges of the year will be somewhat polarized within their own parties. However, there will be few challenges for the Democratic schedule for 2008 from the Republicans. Gossip and rumors will clearly separate those who currently rule within the parties.

Resistance to retire the traditional guards of old thought challenges the new illuminated leaders. None the less, these people of light, within both parties, will be in position for historical political changes of the century in 2008. Those of you who are psychically developed will notice that their aura is slightly different than most on this physical plane. Incarnating and becoming the epitome of young adults, they are among the thousands of planetary beings depicted in the 1977 psychic oil painting, “Arrival”.

Healthcare will be a major topic throughout the year. A major leader will be strongly advised not to veto anything related to the records of healthcare. (I really can’t tell which way the pendulum of the dark lord will swing).

Divorce and separations will be on the rise, yet, within this spiral of change there will also be record breaking childbirths and in some sections of the world, marriages will be plentiful. I get a sense that those harmonious unions will be located in isolated areas of naturally warm climates.

Speaking of climates, expect more of the unexpected! Many natural disasters will surface in spirals, volcanic eruptions, violent winds, earthquakes, floods, and large bodies of ice break off the Antarctic much larger than in previous years.

Take extra precautions in your privacy because the invasion of identity thieves will have penetrated major public markets. We will also see personal, private, confidential information being publicized not only in the internet but in news print. There are two significant incidents involving terrorist activity which will be halted and those major leaders involved apprehended.

We will witness several shifting changes in the corporate world, high tensions, lay offs and resignations will mark this year as somewhat ugly for those who hang on to the old traditional form of corporate dogmas.

The unstable conditions of time portals are likely to create disturbances that may appear surreal for those living in large cities. The probable disruptions may manifest as structural.

Environmental organizations will gain phenomenal support and aid from all major governments and private sectors.

A viral condition may get out of control and threaten world health in a pandemic spiral of anxiety. This is a wavering energy that may mutate into other health related disorders.

Ripples in the framework of organized religions, particularly the Catholic Church may trigger political and religious discord.

The perseverance of those humble servants of light in all walks of life reaps an abundant and prosperous year. For a great number of you, it is a year of action, a year bearing the fruits of labor with opportunities in your line of expertise. For others, you will experience a series of events that will launch you to your rightful destiny path of prosperity.

Interestingly, designers in the fashion industry will revisit the changing needs of their targeted buyers. The awakening public consciousness requires a new and different, health enhancing fiber of light energy.

It is a difficult year for agricultures due to unfavorable environmental changes. Organic farming will continue to climb in popularity but not immune to rising cost and will pass along to the consumer.

Exciting for some, startling for others, discoveries in space exploration will push back the veils of three dimensional thinking to the strange and unconventional resources of thought; extra terrestrial contact is established, in frequency sequences.

Paranormal activity in large proportions intrigue scientists to explore this study in its widest sense, accessing wondrous apparitions of ghostly or dimensional forms of existence.

2008 will no doubt stimulate sincere emotions of appreciation in your life. You will find that your emotions are more magnetic in attracting situations suitable to your emotional thought process.

I love the way predictions by psychics read. Lots of doublespeak with not clear decisiveness one way or another. I could easily have put 1994 in place of 2008 and the results would be the same. One more reason not to believe in psychics or other paranormal phenomenon.

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