Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Single Moms Looking for Work

Save the Single Mom's : Save the World

You probably had plans to go out to The Penthouse Club tonight, have a nice drink, chat with a perky young gal working her way through grad school by pole-dancing, pay her twenty bucks a for a lap dance, then head home to the wife and kids.

You're out of luck.

District Judge Mark Davidson has given the city a rare victory in its never-ending battle to crack down on Houston's most famous tourist spots, ordered the Penthouse Club closed immediately. (No "judge's special" for him tonight.)

Davidson ruled the club was violating several of the city's ordinances and was a nuisance to its neighbors.

The club had -- and you have to love the chutzpah -- argued it wasn't a sexually oriented business.

City officials have suffered a string of setbacks in their attempts to kill the "gentlemen's club" business, so we guess they'll be celebrating this decision pretty heavily.

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