Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Houston Hash - 1.21.06

hardcore hashers come to play in the rain
run around to chase the wet flour
that was paste by the time we came by
only to encounter more thunder by the hour

but we did not dispair
for the we knew beer could not be far
just a bit of rain and a bit of cold
we dare not run back to the car;

for snow, sleet, rain, nor the dark of night
can keep a hasher from the true goal
of finding the pot of gold that is beer
from our hares twist & shout and roll model.

a good time was had by all
new boot patsy, nickelback, hooter, who the fu$k are you
roller the r.a., such a puss, tom swift, geek and heartache
ez fag, can't touch this, wad to blow, and pull the plug too.

rear layer came, so did tom swift, and i can't forget dryhose
bushsnapper was there and beam me up gave me a surprise
pound puppy showed up, as did pump me, chicken choker, and phart
narc to collect cash, roadkill drank much; a sight for the eyes.

thanks to sticky lips for keeping me warm
and that shortcut was much relief
another hash lost i did not want to be
for the end and beer is all to achieve.

so if i forgot anyone
blame it on old age
my mind's not what is once was
i'm not too amazed.

great on-on-on
free pool, spicy food, great music was there
hot combination of pool playing harriettes
i got felt up by a cop, and drank free beer.

trail could've been worse...
i could still be out
for putting on such a great time, in spite of it all
thanks to roll model and twist n shout.


babyG said...

cool sounds like fun, but U need to cum 2 the Hill Country 4 some real fun...LOL

Trojan said...

Rubbin....how ya doing man?

rubbin said...

Doing well - just doing the usual - working, hashing, goofing off at work. Will try to get out to see you guys up in san antonio / austin / hill country / and corpus. i miss traveling to see all you guys.