Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trivia at Sherlocks

Okay did the almost weekly thing and went to trivia at Sherlocks with some hashers: Matahor, One Hole Too Many, CIA, Little Pussy, Tuna Delight, Crack of Dawn, and Donut Holer. Anyways I should've listened to One Hole Too Many on a couple of the questions (at least two that I remember). Here are some of the questions:
1. Some question about a play that I don't remember
2. What is a tree ear.
3. How long does it take blood to travel through the circulatory system of mammels.
4. In what sport do you score one for the knob?
5. Which of the following is an invertibrate: squid, duck, whale, otter.
6. What number when the digits are added together equal 1/4 of the number, and when multiplied together equal 1/2 of the number.
7. The asanti are which tribe in Africa.
8. Bono recorded 'When the Blues Comes to Town' with which Blues Legend.
9. Don't remember
10. Don't remember
Tie breaker: Name the top 10 sheep producing countries.

we didn't win. the resevoir dogs won as always - i'm almost certain they're cheating. You're not supposed to use cellphones, the internet, or call anyone for the answers. I think we got 4-5 out of 10 this week. 1st place is $100 cash and 2nd place is $50 bar tab to be used the following week.


Denial Queen said...

I used to play trivia in Dallas with my ex and his crew at Ben's Half Yard House. We were always a team with the word "schlong" in favorite was The "Schlong" Remains the Same...

rubbin said...

love that name - will have to remember to use it next time.

Denial Queen said...

Yea, it was pretty funny. they always knew the "schlong" group. It was my ex Scott and all his buddies..I was the onyl girl. Yet, I ruled on all the sports trivia ....go figure

Gaslight ;-) said...

OK so I wasn't there, BUT I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that #2 was "What is a wood ear?", to which the answer is a mushroom. Did you get it right?