Friday, March 03, 2006

Movies I Should've Seen

My list of movies I should've seen by now:

Schlinder's List
Citizen Kane
Gone with the Wind
Happy Gilmore, Waterboy (and anything else with Adam Sandler in it)
Deep Throat
Say Anything
Crying Game
Mystic River
It's a Wonderful Life

Anything else that you think I should've seen by now.


dayoldfish said...

I have seen all but Schlinder's List and Deep Throat.

Denial Queen said...

I've seen Schindler's List and a bunch of others on the list...
Not Deep Throat though.....
I couldn't see Schindler's List again..its too depressing for me...

Trojan said...

Schindler's List, made me cry...wonderful film. Gone with the Wind, all time favorite film.Memento,..fucking kick ass dude. Casablanca,'s a classic, didn't do much for me.Say Anything,..Mmmm John Cusack..yummy. Just rent one Adam Sandler film, then you can pretty much say you have seen them all.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Trojan said...

Oh yeah.Blade Runner is fucking cool too

BRAE said...

I saw Schindler's List on a school field trip to the movies. It was so sad that I never watched it again.

firetunnel said...

Crash was a GREAT movie... even before it started getting all the hyped up Oscar press. Say Anything? Yes! I agree with TH, yummy! John Cusack is good in anything (also see Identity for a different side of him). Haven't seen Deep Throat either but I do know John Holmes.

Gaslight ;-) said...

I've never seen The Sound of Music, but I'm not sure I care. Does that make me a bad person?