Monday, April 09, 2007

weekly rant

posted this on another dating forum - now i'll get your responses. names have been withheld to protect the innocent.

my story... the short version.
have a dinner party with a few friends discussing paranormal stuff - ouija boards, tarot cards, ghost hunting techniques. invited a girl i'd been dating for a few months - since december. later in the evening after a couple bottles of wine one of my friends brings out some male playing cards. Me being the kind host I am kindly show the ladies my set of female playing cards as well as my autographed copy of playboy that i'm really proud of. so the night is over - i get a good night kiss and tell her i'll call next week.

next week - no phone calls, or emails returned. are women so freaked out by men reading playboy that she won't return my calls. not that i really care - just curious. one of my other female friends told me something about women having low self-esteem trying to keep up with society's standard of women ala Playboy, etc. So I refuse to date any more women with low self-esteem and that don't like the fact that men do read Playboy magazine.

just my weekly rant


HOV said...

I love Playboy, I read it myself. Sounds like she is not comfortable with who she is and probably has other under lining issues. Forget about her!!

rubbin said...


All Head, No Shaft said...

What HOV said! Try a European, mine points chicks out to me, and likes Maxim.

Maybe she is just thinks the whole paranormal thing is just, well, abnormal.

rubbin said...

hook a brother up

-tunnel said...

seriously. Some women just can't handle that scene. I am not particularly the biggest fan, but am trying to be cooler about it. Alot of it comes to maturity and the acceptance that men are going to look, the choice is whether they tell you (or show you) or not. Good luck, dude.

rubbin said...

i suppose i just don't understand some female objection to playboy or society's attempt to uphold an image whether it's a man or woman (ie having a six-pack chiseled abs on a guy or a playboy figure for a woman). i just figured the fact that i'm dating you should count more than my looking at a picture in a magazine.

Gaslight ;-) said...

So you've been dating since December and she didn't know about your, um, interests?
I thought your "appreciation" for the female form was well-known, if not obvious.
I think it's less about a lack of self-esteem and more about the story she's telling you.