Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting in a rut...

so lately been in a bit of a rut -
doing the same things week after week, so it's time for a change.
more spontaneous happy hours, get togethers, drives out of houston, more road trips.

Here's my to-do list for the second half of this year:
1. See the Spazmatics a few more times.
2. Fix my resume, find another job. (that'll be another job posting).
3. Get more DJ gigs - www.djchaka.com
4. Start up an 80's tribute band playing all the favorites (madonna, devo, the cure, michael jackson, all the cheesy 80's hits)
5. Move closer to the loop.
6. Start being creative again - writing music, computer graphics, artwork etc.
7. Look at saving more money.
8. Buy a car more conducive to DJ-ing and hashing.

1 comment:

-tunnel said...

ooh... love #4! That would be a blast! I hope to disrupt your mundane routine a bit in just a few weeks!!