Tuesday, June 19, 2007

career change

so i'm looking to do a career change. so here's my list of what i'm good at.

project management
use of technology to cut costs and improve productivity
business analysis
consumer product design
mechanical design
manufacturing processes

have my mba - so i would also consider a junior level management position or marketing. would love to get into the marketing side since i've been on the engineering / design side for so long.

my resume if you're interested

also considering being a mobile disc jockey in my spare time
i've got the music, the lights, the sound system and can sync everything to computers for a very good multimedia demonstration. perfect for a bar, house party, wedding, etc. so if you guys know of any companies, clubs, people that need a DJ let me know.

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Pull the Plug said...

The US has a shortage of engineers so if you're interested in a career change, there's lots of jobs available. My recommendation would be go sign up with an agency or look at internet sites like this: http://www.engineeringjobs.net/mechanical_engineering_jobs.cfm