Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free Carpet and Shampoo Cleaning

Free Carpet and Shampoo Cleaning - sure. So these guys were canvassing my neighborhood last night. Actually managed to be home instead of at a happy hour somewhere - mistakenly I agreed to a free carpet cleaning. So this very cute girl comes in and starts giving her prepared spiel about how great the Kirby is compared to my $100 Hoover. I let her do her demo for a few hours. I already knew all the tricks.
1) Appeal to my emotion to save money
2) Get the person to talk about themselves - agree with whatever they say. For example I'm into running - so of course they are as well.
3) Use dust mites as a scare tactic.
4) At the end show the price - for me it was $2595. So when I didn't feel like I was buying - make a phone call to the 'manager' offering a better deal. So the price magically dropped to $1800, then one more phone call and it dropped to $1280. I basically said no matter what I wasn't buying. So then the backup arrives - a little guy comes in and basically gives me her same spiel all over again. I nod smile and say - yeah she told me that already. After about 30 minutes of me constantly saying no - they left. They even tried the you don't have to pay for 6 weeks deal on me.
So I searched the internet and found lots of high pressure sales tactics that they use. The 'lifetime' warranty isn't a 'true' lifetime. more like 3 years and life refurbishment replacement of parts.
So anytime I get an in home demo I take it, but just say no.

Honestly I was merely hoping for it to turn into a hot porn movie - but no such luck for me. Even after I put on the Barry White music. Maybe next time I'll accidentally spill water on her, so she can then take it off. But oh wait - I've got a T-shirt in my bedroom - here on my bed....

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