Wednesday, March 15, 2006

06 March Full Moon Run

Had a great time running this month's full moon run in Houston - thanks to Horny Hooker, Closet Freak, and Bush Snapper. The trail was run through an area of town just to the east of 59 and downtown houston. All in all what could be considered a 'seedy part' of town. Ahhh - but we're hashers - noone ever messes with us.
So I start the run and being the hasher I am - mention to Thong Long Gone & Dru that I'll kinda look out for them and watch 'em on trail. So it's been 15-20 minutes and we're off. I take an early lead on being FRB and stop every now and then to check on the triplet harrierettes.
So we come to a really hard check on the edge of downtown and I keep one eye on the pack and try to keep one eye on who I'm sweepin' and I can't see 'em in the distance. So I remember what TLG told me and I keep blowin' my whistle hoping they can hear me. I manage to catch up to Dana, from Jamaica Beach (Galveston) and we somehow manage to finish trail. After hapharzardly losing trail and finding other lost hashers we find true trail and make it to the end. I think we essentially did one big do-loop to an A'prime location. Will have to remember that ending spot for a PC or Sunday hash run. I was a bit worried coming up on the field near the end of the run - thought for sure we were going to find a dead body in the field or something. But nope - just a bunch of trash and not the drinking kind either.
The hares did commit one unpardonable sin and not have enough beer to finish the circle. But they did make a trip to get more beer and the circle was saved. Hashers I remember attending were (in no particular order) Thong Long Gone, Dru, Pearl Necklace, Wad to Blow, Dana, Can't Touch This, Pump Me, HOV, She Bangs, Heartache, Bush Snapper, Horny Hooker, Closet Freak, Chicken Choker, Hooter Bill, Il Castrato, Who the Fuck Are You, Queen of Denial, Dumpster Digger, Grind Slut, Pull the Plug, Annie Thrax, Estrus, new boot John, a couple visitors from Scotland, a frequent hasher that Pearl Necklace brought out - forgot his name :-(. I'm sure I forgot someone and they're probably going to be upset, but I blame it on drinking too much beer at the circle and at the on-on-on.
Ahhh - the on-on-on. What goes on the road stays on the road, but it was at a fabulous Tejano bar and thanks to TLG for the dance lessons.
on - on to the next Full Moon in April

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dayoldfish said...

having fun during a full moon is better than how I spent mine, stuck in a TXIH meeting.