Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Starting a Garage Band

Okay -
some of you guys know I've played the electric bass (bass guitar, that 4 string thing) for a while now. But lately have been getting pretty serious about it. A few guys from work and I have formed a band (a band that has no name). We're way not ready to perform in front of people yet - maybe in a month or two. But we plan on being a party band. Right now here's a list of songs that we love and either have worked on or want to play eventually.
Never Again / Figured You Out - Nickelback
Escape (the Pina Colada Song)
Magaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
Fire / The Wind Cries Mary
Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three
Gimme Two Steps / The Breeze - Lynryd Skynrd
She Hates Me - Puddle of Mudd
Low Rider
Louie Louie
Pretty Woman
You Really Got Me
stuff from AC/DC

So as you can see we've got a while to go before we get a nice hour long set of material. So this is why I can't make some parties, get togethers, stay longer at Saturday hashes, and don't have much of a life anymore. As soon as we get a bit better and find a singer we plan on having small (4-5) rehearsal viewing sessions at our practice facility. But that's a ways away.

other songs I'd love to play - but not sure if it's our band's style
anything by Prince
Duran Duran (just listen to those bass riffs)
No Doubt (Ex Girlfriend, Hella Good, Just A Girl)
Maroon 5 (Harder to Breathe, She Will Be Loved)
Wishing Well / Dance Little Sister
Sir Duke
R U Gonna Go My Way / Fly Away / Red House
California Girls (David Lee Roth version)
Ice Cream Man (my favorite song from high school, cuz this really hot girl told me it was her favorite song)


Denial Queen said...

I can't wait to hear them! Maybe an event sometime soon....

Spotty said...

Dude, I so wanna be invited to your first show. Those songs are some goodies...what versatility!

Trojan said...

If ya ever play in Austin and want to do a cover of "creep" by radiohead...I'm your girl!

rubbin said...

got yourself a deal - creep is one of my favorite songs to play on the bass. also love the lyrics.
i'm hopin we'll be ready to play pretty soon - getting to audition / jam with a singer this saturday.

brownie said...

Make sure you record it and get a CD to Austin! The hash will use the disc as the main entertainment for their next event!

You should do "My Name is Mud" by Primus, sweet bass riff.