Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America is fucked up when it comes to news

Top stories on CNN - today

1. Rumsfeld replacement named (Brownie must be proud, he's drunk as we speak)
2. Britney to divorce husband (Why the fu$k is this the number 2 story in the world)
3. Urban: 'I've been drowning guy' (Country star has problems)
4. World welcomes Democratic win (Woo Hoo - off to get drunk tonight - can't wait for 08)
5. Democrat wins Montana Senate seat, CNN projects
6. Bush takes blame for GOP losses /nothing to say :-(
7. First Muslim elected to Congress
8. Exit polls: Bush, Iraq key to outcome
9. Rumsfeld: Controversial commander

So now it looks as if we may provide some type of exit strategy to get out of Iraq.

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