Friday, November 17, 2006

saw the deftones tonight

Went to watch the Deftones tonight. While I had heard of them before, had never listened to their music. But watching the show made me want to create original music even more so and not play cover tunes. I didn't really enjoy the show, must've been cause I didn't know any of the songs. But I did get off on the energy they were putting out. Will have to listen to some of their songs now. Maybe it was just the sound quality in the club.

on-on to more concerts in the future
anyone want to go see skid row (80's heavy metal band) I believe they are playing next weekend... the 24th or 25th.

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dayoldfish said...

Deftones do a really good cover of Jawboxes song Savory. Although when they were still pretty unknown, I saw them open for Jawbox and they played that song. They play it well, but it is my favorite Jawbox song and I was looking forward to hearing Jawbox play it live. Of course they didn't since their opening act did.