Friday, November 24, 2006

Skid Row Concert at the Meridian

Nashville Pussy
King's X
Skid Row

The concert rocked. I think I've found my new favorite bass player, Karen Cuda. She's hot, a bit feisty on stage and she plays bass. After the concert she was friendly and a lot taller than I thought.
I'd never seen King's X in person, but had heard their music. They totally rock. Will definitely catch them again next time they play in Houston. Hopefully soon.
Skid Row still has it. They played some old school songs, Piece of Me, Slave to the Grind, Youth Gone Wild, a rockin' version of I Remember You. And they played a couple cuts from their recent albums.
Drank a lot - partied a lot - was about 1 foot from the stage. Had a blast.

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