Monday, August 20, 2007

swimming lessons

so i managed to avoid swimming at the hash today. i took the 4 mile walker trail and upon hearing about trail - was glad i wanked out today.
i was talking to another hasher about this today. i guess i'm a decent swimmer in a pool doing laps in 4-5 feet in a pool. but maybe it's some irrational fear about not being able to touch the bottom of a pool or lake that makes me freak out. so i probably should take some adult swim lessons and get over it - or next time bring a boogie board or my own flotation devices to help me get through the swim portions of trail.


Pull the Plug said...

Balut helped me get through the deepest areas of the swamp. When I balked at one location, he found a piece of floating styrofoam and pitched it to me and told me that it was my personal flotation device. I stuck the styrofoam under my shirt and with Balut leading the way, I was able to complete the trail. But I agree with you that adult swim classes would be a big help.

Gaslight ;-) said...

You could have totally touched the bottom!

Your head, however, would have been almost entireley underwater.

We reached a check at one point and I found myself swimming across an easement in the middle of the fucking forest, searching for trail while paddling about. I did not feel very smart at that moment.