Sunday, August 26, 2007

just be yourself

So I'm hanging out at Sullivan's Steak House checking out the band with a few of my friends. I begin doing some small talk and dancing with a couple of women from Nigeria which is pretty cool in itself (yes - me chatting women up). So I'm trying to make small talk and thinking I'm getting nowhere near the end of the night - I go over and check on my friends and discuss my plans to come back and hit on the really hot bartender. Then one of the friends of Juliann and Priscilla come and wonder where I'm at - so I go outside and they want me and Russell to go hang out after hours at an African club. So I think - wow - I must've done something right. I never kiss and tell - but it was a very fun night and I managed not to tell one lie while talking to them tonight. I even told them I was a musician and an engineer - and they still kept dancing and talking to me.
So I think the moral of this story is - I'm proud I was myself tonight - though maybe as my friend said, You need a bit more BS skills. later.
I'm tired - it's a quarter to five and I've got band practice in a few hours.

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