Monday, August 20, 2007

Being Single

Okay another 'being single' posting.
This topic came up today at the hash. There was a harriette who recently became single after having dated someone for quite a long time. And once they were officially disengaged or no longer together - not two weeks later she has found another person as she described it 'she's hooked up with'.
So are some people just destined to be as I would call it 'WSO' - with significant other and others of us have trouble finding that significant other to be with. I thought 'art girl' was a potential - but I think the hash scared her away. I seem to find that taking first dates to hash parties is not such a good idea.

But just doing some informal research I find that most people meet their wife, girlfriend, significant other through friends. I have yet to meet anyone who is married to someone they meet in a bar at happy hour. Most people met while in college or through friends. So anyone have any single friends they'd like to see date me.

Also - in my quest for love here's what I'm going to do:
1) Get out more - be more social (more happy hours)
2) More online dating
3) Become more active - ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, running in the park more
4) Ask anyone and everyone out
5) Keep asking friends if they have any co-workers that are single.


Pull the Plug said...

My experience is that many people met their partners at college or at work, but other avenues are thru friends, on-line dating, hashing, and various other clubs and organizations. Just be sure to look for someone who is your intellectual equal.

Gaslight ;-) said...

I met Grind at a Triathlon. Actually, I met him at the keg at an after-party for the triathlon.

My first words to him, "Are you going to pour me a beer or just stand there and look pretty?"