Thursday, January 31, 2008

2nd Date Blues

How not to get a second date.

1. Lateness
You planned out this date in great detail. You obviously planned also not to be on time. It is one thing to call and let her know you are running a little behind schedule but are on the way. It is another to show up an hour later (or worse) and not even give her the courtesy of a phone call. When it comes to going out somewhere, many women are sticklers for promptness. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression and showing up late tells her you are not really taking this date seriously

2. What conversation?
Your date starts talking and talking and talking. Not because she wants to but because you do not have anything to say other than an occasional "uh-huh". It could be nerves on your part or you were just unprepared to speak on any subject. Whatever it is, having to drag conversation out of your date is not a woman's idea of fun.

This goes for the opposite end of the spectrum also. Practicing conversation hogging or slapping down her opinion each time she attempts to contribute to the discussion may give her the following impression: "This guy is a jerk." Chances are that's not the vibe you wanted to give out.

3. What humor?
You don't know any jokes. You don't make any humorous comments. As a matter of fact, when she says something funny you go out of your way to analyze it and find the serious point in what she was trying to say. Yuck. No one wants to be around a stick in the mud. Sharing some laughs with her can work absolute wonders so lighten up.

Now keep in mind she never agreed to go out on a date with Bozo the Clown either. Laughing at anything and everything is not healthy. Doing this could make her a little nervous about you. She could also come to the conclusion you have some serious issues to work out.

4. Pretend
This is known in some circles as lying. Sure you want to impress her but exaggerating your importance is not the way to do it. Starting a dating relationship with a lie is a formula for disaster. If your date senses that you are lying, that disaster will come sooner than you think.

5. She reminds me of...
If you want to guarantee this is your last date with her than start here. You are out with her and talking about your ex wife, former girlfriends or any other women you have on your mind is not going to further the relationship. She agreed to go out on this date with you. You would do well to treat her like she is the most important woman in your life at this moment.

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