Thursday, January 31, 2008

nice guys always finish last?

Why is it that nice guys always finish last? So let's look into it with a deeper perspective. We all like being around nice people when it comes to friends and family but why doesn’t it work when it comes to relationships? Why are nice guys always taken for granted? Learn some of the major reasons why women hate nice guys and what measures can be taken to stay away from that "Nice guy" image.

Well the definition of a nice guy is different when you ask a woman. According to females nice guy defines a person who is insecure, always seeks approval, has a strong need to be wanted and loved, always acts as a yes man, desperate and they tend to over do almost everything.

Insecure- Now not all nice men might be insecure but most of them are when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Nice guys are so insecure about their want for attention that they lose it all eventually. No woman prefers an insecure guy.

Seeking approval- Oh boy here's the age old story again! Have you ever come across a guy who always asks for approval in other words always needs an opinion for whether he is right or wrong? This is a common feature in almost all those so called "Nice men" out there.

They always need love-
Women are known to be more emotional than men but sometimes men act like women and become cry babies. They always seek love and attention from the opposite sex. They would do almost anything on this planet and fall to any levels to get it.

She's always right-
This is what those nice guys think about the women they're with. No female prefers a "Yes man". They all prefer guys who have strong beliefs and opinions and who know how to stand up tall and rise to the occasion.

The desperate act-
Don't you think "Nice men" look desperate sometimes? Most nice men find it hard to say what's on their minds and mostly fall into the desperation zone. And once you get the "Desperate tag" It's very hard to get out of it.

Now it does not mean that you have to act like a jerk to get female attention. Women do not like jerks either. You do not want to fall into the "Bad boy" zone. Women dislike bad guys more than they hate nice men.

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