Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Party Success

Ahhh -
the Christmas Party was a success. My band - Chaka MAD played and we had an excellent time. For those of you that missed it - there's always next year. I can't believe we played about 3-4 hours worth of music. Everything from Linda Ronstadt to Black Sabbath. I love Pimp Doggie Dawg yelling for Judas Priest - I promise I'll talk to the band about putting that in a setlist. And we even played AC/DC for Pipes - we were saving that one for an encore. But you never know what mismanagement has up their sleeve for other equally great events to come.

Also you never know what Closet Freak has up her sleeve for another pub crawl. All I can say is there may be another pub crawl similar to the one we laid last year. You never know with us.


HOV said...

great show!

closet freak said...

great music, i gotta learn to dance!