Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ghetto Booty

Ghetto Booty in the hash???

Now that's a booty

White girls can have ghetto booty too.

Small ghetto booty

That's what we call ghetto booty son. You'll want to hit that when you're older. Just don't tell your mom.

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The recent postings of Closet Freak got me thinking about booty, more specifically ghetto booty. Well not that I don't think about it every day when I'm walking down the corridors at HP checking out asses, I figured it'd be a good blog posting, as judged by the nice pictures up above.

There are several terms for what is commonly known as black girl booty - junk in the trunk, apple bottom, onion booty, ghetto booty, baby got back, teardrop ass, and thick are some slang for a nice shapely ass. It goes to say - you normally know it when you see it. I think it goes to say - I don't recall seeing much ghetto booty in the hash. Except for that one time when a new boot came to run the Heartache Full Moon and we got busted by the railroad police. Although I do see a lot of nice booty when I'm running through the third and fifth ward, as well as Memorial Park on the loop around the tennis center.

The link below goes into a lot more definition about the right proportions that define a proper booty. the link is definitely not safe for work. Ok you've been warned this time. Check out the The Assmatrix.

So if you know of any single female friends who exhibit a bit o booty - hook a brother up.

Peace Out.

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