Saturday, December 23, 2006

Missed Expectations

So looking back on a few moments in my life and have discovered a few times where I was not the most observant guy in the world and missed out on some good things. So you should learn from a wise or stupid man - whatever the case may be.
(1) if you have the slightest interest in someone take a chance - it might be the love of your life
(2) your soulmate might be the one person you least expect it to be
(3) women don't always come right out and say they're attracted to you
(4) always go with your heart

that's it for now
and closet freak - i'm sorry and i'll act accordingly next time.
and i promise not to let the next best thing in my life slip thru my hands:

see ya guys next week
will write more from florida next week

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