Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Random Christmas Pub Crawl Thoughts

1. Why do I have nipple docking written on one of my business cards?
2. What is nipple docking and is it illegal in Texas?
3. Where was I on the unveiling of the boobs?
4. I did not leave my credit card at any of the bars and I'm proud of it. I have done that before in the past - at Onion Creek and it's not a pretty site.
5. Next time I'll take a cab to downtown. $6 cab rides anywhere in downtown.
6. The folks at Cabo don't take too kindly to chalk arrows on their floor.


caynttouchdis said...

Ohhh Rubbin'. Thanks for making my weekend impossible from the start. And yet... There we were at the Christamas Party.

HOV said...

I had a great time! I can't remeber much but I'm sure I had a great time!