Friday, July 21, 2006

Dear Rubbin' - the Astros suck...

Dear Rubbin?

Q. why are over half the National League Teams below .500? and why did the astros drops 2-3 to the Cubs?

A. Sweet a sports question. Actually that's two separate issues.
First the hometown Astros...
In the big scheme of things it's fine that the Astros dropped a few games to the Chicago Cubs. The Astros will get hot (hopefully) at the end of the season and rally to get a wild card spot. But once again the Astros went 0-8 with runners in scoring position. That is our achilles heel - not being able to hit and bring runners in to score. Almost like my sex life - I get to the ballpark, hit a couple singles, an occasional double, but can't bring it home.

A2. Teams over .500 in the AL = 9 Total Teams = 14
Teams over .500 in the NL = 6 Total Teams = 16
So yes - this year the American League teams are kicking ass over the National League. Got no answers other than I could say that the AL teams have more money to spend (ie Boston, New York, Detroit). I'll see if I do a budgetary analysis comparing payroll versus win record.


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