Friday, July 14, 2006

Guess the race.

I didn't think this one up - but I could certainly do an entire podcast on this topic. Take a crime in the newspaper - remove the names and try to guess the race of the criminal.

Man drives car into clinic entrance

No injuries have been reported after a man drove his vehicle into Franciscan Skemp Clinic early this morning, barricaded himself of the second-floor of the clinic and threatened to ignite what he said was a beer bottle full of gasoline, authorities said.

(Name), 51, drove his minivan about 30 feet into the entrance of the building at about 6:15 a.m., according to La Crosse police. The man then exited his vehicle and barricaded himself in a second-floor wing of the clinic for about one hour, police said. He told that he had a beer bottle filled with gasoline and threatened to ignite it, according to police.

The man voluntarily surrendered to police without incident about one hour later. Police found no weapons or explosives on the man after arrest.

The clinic was evacuated after the incident, and all appointments before noon were canceled.

Police said the man was a patient and had a history of problems with the clinic.

Police investigator Marion Byerson and bomb-dog Ira searched the scene, which is now secured.


Gaslight ;-) said...

I'll bite. Clues: Mini van, beer bottle, Fransican Skemp Clinic, voluntary surrender.
Are these clinics are located in the IA, WI, and MN - the great white North-pun intended. Caucasian?

Denial Queen said...

I think Asian.

Anonymous said...


rubbin said...

And the answer is:


His name is Geoffrey Fitzgerald.

Gaslight ;-) said...

Yes! I know my honkies.

EZ said...

What the fuck is a Skemp Clinic? I knew he was white when you said the word "bairricaded".

Anonymous said...

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