Friday, July 07, 2006

Dear Rubbin'

RUBBIN: How can I tell if a chick's not interested on a date? -Bob

BOB: Sure signs she's not interested:
1. Crossed arms and other negative body language unless she's wearing a bikini inside a restaurant, then she's probably just cold.
2. No eye contact - surefire sign she doesn't like talking to you. She'll look all over the room - at the waiter, at the bartender, at other guys in the restaurant, etc.
3. Making a phone call during the middle of the date.
4. She doesn't offer a handjob in the middle of the restaurant for desert - we know how women love creme filling.
5. She doesn't laugh at your jokes - every guy is funny. Most women will laugh even if it's just to be nice to you.
6. She doesn't like your car. Most women could care less what kind of car you drive, but when she says your car is cheesy - then head for the exit.
7. She doesn't swallow.

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